App-Based Gameday Transportation

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Only with golf carts

greater access around campus

and more fun.

We provide app-based golf cart rides on gameday and beyond!

  • Fleet of Carts
  • Trained Drivers
  • Quick Service
  • Access Throughout Campus
Never Suffer the Rigors of Gameday Transportation Again

You deserve better.

Excessive Walking

Most people struggle with walking long distances and being on their feet all day. Why walk everywhere on gameday?

Wasted Time

Your time is valuable. Why wait and hope to flag down a pedicab?

Decreased Energy

You only have so much energy. Why waste it hauling your tailgate supplies by foot?

Don’t be the person showing up late, tired, and sweaty.

Stop the madness in its tracks.

At Zip, we provide an easy-to-use app to help you better navigate gameday.

Ordering Zip is Easier Than Throwing a Football

Follow our Quick Zip Process

Download the Zip App

Enter Pickup Location & Destination

A Zip Cart will Pick You Up

Rules & Safety
Riding Rules

  • Only one passenger per seat (ZipX holds up to 3 passengers, ZipXL holds up to 5 passengers).
  • No open containers of alcohol.
  • Please be courteous to your driver, fellow passengers, and other fans.
  • Wear your seatbelt.
  • Follow all local city rules.


  • Rest assured, we take your safety very seriously. If you do not feel safe entering a Zip golf cart for any reason, do not enter and we will refund your money.
  • All Zip golf carts come standard with safety equipment for your protection and comfort.
  • Our drivers are trained and vetted thoroughly for your safety.